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Recruiting Talented People

Do you share our core values? Commitment, innovation and sustainability have made us successful in the past, they will secure our success in the future

We want to attract, engage and retain the best people and make a great future for them within our team.  MGF recognise that the ability to deliver exceptional service is dependent on a talented engaged workforce, to this end we strive to have a workplace where people feel supported, can develop their skills, and have a clear understanding of our business objectives.

We strive to be an employer of choice through our commitment to employment policies that provide and promote a workplace free from discrimination, equal opportunities for all employees/applicants, and ensuring tolerance, respect and dignity. We recognise that our differences bring richness to our work environments and help us better connect with new ways of thinking and the needs of our customers.

Our typical process looks like this:

Diagram containing red circle icons with 'Attraction', 'Application', 'Interview', 'Offer' and 'Induction' underneath each

Attraction – We have a number of ways of letting people know about the jobs we have available, ranging from online job boards, adverts in newspapers in the areas we operate, recruitment agencies, university/college job boards and career fairs as well as here on our website.

Application – When you’ve found the role suitable for you, send your CV and a cover letter outlining your experience, qualifications and skills that make you suitable for the role to the HR team, or use the apply button on the advert.

You will receive a confirmation email once your application is received.

If you don’t see the role that is right for you now, you can join our Talent Community to stay connected with us and we can notify you when a suitable opportunity becomes available.

Our HR team assess candidates for each vacancy by looking at the skills, qualifications and competence requirements for the role.  If you are shortlisted, a member of the HR team will be in touch to arrange an interview.

Interview – You’ll find plenty of information on our site to prepare for an interview.  Be sure to learn about our business and culture so you can identify ways that your skills, experience and background can support MGF.

At interview we will ask you competency based questions where we want to hear about your work experiences.  We will be asking you to give specific examples so you should prepare beforehand by thinking about your experiences in relation to the requirements of the role and what we value.

You may also be required to carry out an assessment on the day which will be job specific and give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and experience.   We will provide you with the information you need to prepare beforehand.

Certain roles require further interview stages and you will be advised of this during the first interview.

Remember the interview is a chance for us to find out all about you, and it’s your chance to ask all the questions you’ll have about life at MGF.

Offer – If you successfully complete the interview process we will call you to pass on the good news. If you accept, and we hope you will, we will be asking you for important information, such as references and then send out your offer pack where you will find everything you need to know before you start work with us.

Induction – You will be welcomed into the Company with a comprehensive induction, so your first few days, weeks and months will be as easy, informative and comfortable as possible.  We want you to be as happy with us as we’ll be to have you.

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